Gold Metal Tray Table


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Furnish your style spaces with a folding tray worth its salt. This gorgeous Oval Tray Table provides a luxurious and highly decorative surface for drinks, ornaments and so much more.

Made from ornate gold-coloured iron, this superb multi-purpose table features a handy fold-up design, making it ultraportable and suitable for use in a variety of settings such as a home bar, kitchen, dining room or the restaurant trade.

The tray itself boasts a sumptuous filigree finish, thanks to a delicate lace tracery design around the rim and a distinctive gold scale-like pattern on its surface. This elaborate design is perfect for integrating into an existing vintage, Art Deco or Grand-Millennial theme of décor in need of a truly special accent piece.

This occasional table is the ideal luxury option for parties, special dinners and those unique moments that call for a grand statement.

DIMENSIONS (cm) – 68 x 33 x 64


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